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Our methods

Street polls Markets Speaking’s extensive network of Research Assistants enables us to collect data efficiently in urban and rural regions. We make sure you don’t have to assume what works and what doesn’t – it’s really just a matter of letting the Market Speak for itself! This method is ideal for gathering quantitative data.

Online surveys

If your target group belongs to the internet savvy Generation Y, Markets Speaking helps you gather information online via our panel or using sponsored links. It’s a great alternative that cuts costs, saves valuable time and potentially generates large quantities of data!
Interviews Exploring attitudes, beliefs, habits and needs is key in all early phases of innovation processes as well as providing a solid foundation when market knowledge is very limited. Markets Speaking assists you in designing structured or semi-structured interviews that help you to gain insights in factors driving consumer behaviour.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups enable you to pick the brains of your target group! Typically, a session involves 6-10 participants that are invited to discuss and give feedback on a selected topic. This method is primarily useful for testing and evaluating new ideas and services. You gain the depth generated by individual interviews while simultaneously creating conditions for creative brainstorming and building on other’s ideas.

Diary method

When behaviour is difficult to observe or give an account for long after it has been performed, it can be very useful to rely on participants’ immediate recordings of experiences during a limited amount of time. This method is effective when you for example want to understand consumers’ thoughts and feelings while shopping or let your target group representatives observe their own media habits during one full day.

Business Sector Research & Country Analyses

Let Markets Speaking reveal the possibilities unique to your industry as well as investigate potential risk factors. Our services include providing you with updated information concerning business climate, political risk, potential clients, competitors, sales & distribution channels and market trends. We are able to assist you in a growing number of other African countries in addition to Ghana, including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Business Sector Analyses

Business climate

Assessing climate by examining information such as governmental incentives, regulatory framework and relevant tax treaties

Political Risk

Political stability is assessed through a review of form of government, recent election outcomes, c onflict involvement and potential sources of civil unrest or conflict

Potential clients

Identifying target companies and researching their needs

  • Competitors Mapping out key competitors on the market
  • Sales and distribution channels Identifying and tapping into available distribution networks as well as assisting in discovering new ways to promote and distribute your product
  • Market trends Investigating where demand is growing

Country level economic data

Providing key stats such as GDP, FDI, imports and exports, employment levels and much more