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Markets Speaking’s consultants have combined experiences from a multitude of business sectors, roles and cultures. We value diversity and believe in performance over prestige as a success factor.

Markets Speaking combines market research expertise with knowledge in areas such as business development, project management, marketing and human resources. Our experience shows that our combination of skills adds a valuable edge to our offer, enabling us to approach tasks from numerous angles as well as provide unique solutions. While this ability is imperative to all businesses, it is an absolute prerequisite for being successful in emerging markets.  Markets Speaking also has a network of consultants, project managers, market research experts and research assistants whose combined competence allow us to solve virtually any challenge presented.



Tunde Thomas   Managing Partner

Tunde Thomas is the Managing Partner of Markets Speaking Ghana. As executive chairman, he is responsible for the external matters of Markets Speaking: creating and expanding strategic partnerships and developing broader business relationships.  Tunde has been engaged in activities such as gold mining and trade, trade of fossil fuels like crude oil and its derivatives and has been in active business consultancy for over a decade. He is also a renowned public speaker and involved with one of the fastest growing charities in the UK. Tunde studied Geography in Nigeria’s premier univeristy, the University of Ibadan and has been resident in the UK since 2004.


peter3Peter Quarcoopome   Managing Director

As Markets Speaking’s Managing Director, Peter is responsible for Markets Speaking’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Peter has a solid background in managing market research projects in African markets. He is also the founder of Continental Thought Factory, a non-profit organization with networks in 14 African countries aiming to empower and motivate young leaders to address challenges in Africa.  Other professional experience includes public relations and business development for various companies and institutions. Peter’s educational background is in Economics and Computing at Regent University in Accra.


KAMAL BENGOUGAM (2)Kamal Bengougam   Associate Consultant

Kamal Bengougam is an Associate Consultant with Markets Speaking Ghana. An Entrepreneurial senior executive equipped with a commanding track record in the start up and management of successful international and UK SME businesses within sectors such as e-commerce, hospitality/leisure and healthcare. Kamal comes with wealth of experience of developing key customers, internationally, and business partners like GE Capital and DSG, which has led to major increases in turnover and company value. He also has extensive experience in developing strategic direction based on a deep analysis of products and markets, and the potential for harnessing innovation and technology and taking businesses in new directions. Kamal operates successfully at Chairman/Chief Executive level for over 15 years. Kamal holds an MBA from Iowa State University, USA and has studied Mechanical Engineering. He is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing- 2008-2011.



Lolade Sowoolu  Consultant

Lolade works with Markets Speaking as a consultant and project supervisor. Lolade is a renowned journalist in Nigeria and has worked with one of Nigeria’s Leading news papers as a reporter as well as an assistant producer in a TV program that is syndicated across over 25 television stations in Nigeria. Lolade has a background in Journalism at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. She is an excellent investigative writer that has covered multiple business sectors including monitoring developments in Nigeria’s Agricultural and Oil & Gas sectors.